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ARSION TOURNAMENT ZION &39;98 Commercial Tape 8/31/98. ***1/4 ’98 FINAL SUMMER FANTASY: Tiger Dream vs. (8/31大阪TOURNAMENT ZION&39;98)矢樹vsタイガー、浜田vs吉田 (12/7後楽園TWINSTAR&39;98)玉田&矢樹vsタイガー&浜田 (12/18横浜CARNIVAL&39;98)アジャvs浜田、奥津vs吉田.

24, A ZION’98 TOURNAMENT Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration graduate, Roger served in the U. Like most professional wrestling championships, the title was won as a result of a scripted match. ZION Tournament 1998. zion’98 tournament. tournament zion &39;98 final: ayako hamada vs. Navy during World War II.

t545- new japan ‘94 g-1 climax. Toshiaki Kawada 10/22/94 JWP THUNDER QUEEN BATTLE IN YOKOHAMA 7/31/93. 【パズル付】zion ’98 tournament 《official gu. *1/2 Michiko Omukai vs. Internet Wrestling Database.

On Decem, she teamed with Yumi Fukawa in a losing effort against Rie Tamada and Hiromi Yagi at Carnival Arsion &39;98. : eliminated before the semi finals : 2: Goddesses Of Stardom Tag. 1998年8月31日 大阪なみはやドーム・サブアリーナ 年代: 1998 ¥2,200 状態: 【並上】. THE UNDERCARD TOURNAMENT: Lady Metal vs. t546- all japan real world tag team leaguecommercial tape; misawa memorial fight collection vol 1+3; all japan comm1/26/95, 3/4/95. Much better than their ZION &39;98 match. T24 - Matches from Great American Bash 89/Pancrase PPV 4/96/ Great American Bash 96. Finally, in the longest match of the night, Hamada showed her progression by avenging her loss ZION &39;98 finals loss to Yoshida, pinning her at 13:39 following the Hama-chan cutter.

武藤敬司vs後藤洋央紀、ステーブ・ウイリアムスvs小橋健太、吉田万里子vs井上貴子、テリー・ファンク引退、ジャンボ鶴田vsブルーザー・ブロディ 他【今日は何の日】8/31. t547- ladie’s legend pro wrestling live battle ‘97 comm 2/11/97,. Zion, 98 — Sept. Promotion: Title: Timeframe: Placement: Rating: Votes: 1: Ladies Tournament: 03.

Candy Okutsu They showed Candy winning ARS &39;98 to build up to this and Yoshida winning the QOA title/ZION &39;98 Tournament as well. Mariko Morita (盛田 万里子, Morita Mariko, born Febru) is a Japanese professional wrestler better known by the ring name Mariko Yoshida (吉田 万里子, Yoshida Mariko). ***3/4 ZION ’98 Final Ayako Hamada vs. ZION ’98 2nd Round Ayako Hamada vs.

TOURNAMENT ZION&39;98 アルシオン2大トーナメントの第2回目は大阪で行われたZION。 補欠戦 ファビーvsレディ アジャvs秋野 1回戦 浜田vsマリー 玉田vs二上 大向vs府川 吉田vsレジー 準決勝 浜田vs二上 大向vs吉田 決勝 浜田vs吉田 特別試合 タイガードリームデビュー戦、. Yoshida Mariko 2 /04/29: Tōkyō. It featured 8 competitors and was won by Mariko Yoshida, who defeated Ayako Hamada in the finals. リンク切れ、レンタル、 お探し中などの. Ayako has definitely improved, but the main difference is Mari is way better than she was then. Hiromi Yagi (Free). Mead Johnson recommended Roger run for Congress.

In August 1998, she competed in the Arsion ZION &39;98 tournament. We all love tournaments, whether it&39;s the World Series, the World Cup, the World Championships or the World Whatever. He moved to Evansville in 1954 to work as director of sales training for Mead Johnson. Effingham, ILToday.

Zion &39;98 tournament winner Yoshida defeats Ars &39;98 tournament winner Candy Okutsu to become the first champion. ZION 98 TOURNAMENT 1998/8/31 なみはやドーム: アルシオン2大トーナメントの第2回目は大阪で行われたZION。 補欠戦 ファビーvsレディ アジャvs秋野 1回戦 浜田vsマリー 玉田vs二上 大向vs府川 吉田vsレジー 準決勝 浜田vs二上 大向vs吉田 決勝 浜田vs吉田 特別試合. THE FINAL ARSION Shodai QUEEN OF ARSION Title: Mariko Yoshida vs. 1999 4th ars’99 tournament. The ZION &39;98 Tournament was held on Aug. 1/2* THE UNDERCARD TOURNAMENT: Mika Akino vs. Diva Diaries (Shoot Series) 47 Videos. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Shoot Interviews. Nothing special, but it works. アルシオン (Arsion) かつて存在した日本の女子プロレス団体である 概要. Promotion: Title: Timeframe: Placement: Rating: Votes: 1: Trios Tag Team Tournament: 05. お勧めdvd: ayumis style 栗原あゆみ 名勝負セレクション: 愛川ゆず季 プロレス・デビュー記念 ゆずポン祭への道!. (5/5川崎TOURNAMENT ARS&39;98)奥津vs府川、奥津vs玉田、奥津vsレジー (7/21後楽園)秋野vs吉田 (8/9後楽園)浜田vs奥津 (8/31大阪TOURNAMENT ZION&39;98)矢樹vsタイガー、浜田vs吉田 (12/7後楽園TWINSTAR&39;98)玉田&矢樹vsタイガー&浜田 (12/18横浜CARNIVAL&39;98)アジャvs浜田、奥津.

This tournament was a big gamble for ARSION because they&39;ve already squandered the potential of Yoshida, GAMI, Michiko Omukai, and the others by ZION’98 proving time and. mariko yoshida: Ayako gets heat early by pasting Yoshida with a flurry of elbows and then almost hooking the Ayakita after Yoshida charges her, but Yoshida quickly converts it into an STF. ** ARSION TWINSTAR OF ARSION Shodai Champion League Commercial Tape Highlights of every league match. ARSION HYPER VISUAL FIGHTING TOURNAMENT ZION &39;98 Commercial Tape 8/31/98 Osaka Namihaya Dome -2hr. ARSION HYPER VISUAL FIGHTING TOURNAMENT ZION &39;98 Commercial Tape 8/31/98 Osaka Namihaya Dome-2hr. t544- arsion zion ‘98 tournament comm- 8/31/98; rings ZION’98 TOURNAMENT on wowow-9/29/96; jwp tv- 10/21/98.

Aja Kong: 1999/08/06: Tōkyō: Hamada Ayako: /12/03: Tōkyō: Lioness Asuka: /11/25: Chiba: Ōmukai Michiko: /05/11: Tōkyō: Vacates on 03/02/11 upon leaving promotion. Quebrada 631/19/00-1/22/00 Steve Williams vs. TOURNAMENT SKY Junkessho Ayako Hamada vs. The championship, which was situated at the top of Arsion&39;s championship hierarchy, was introduced on Decem, when Mariko Yoshida defeated Candy Okutsu to become the inaugural champion.

Aja Kong HYPER VISUAL FIGHTING TOURNAMENT ZION &39;98 1st Round Ayako Hamada vs. 重要なお知らせ /8月以降おまとめは休止しました。 動画検索はキーワードで! The highlight was Mari doing a swandive style corkscrew plancha.

Pancrase PPV 4/96 Yuki Kondo vs Takafumi Ito. Queens of Combat. The winner of this tournament earned the right to face the winner of the ARS &39;98 tournament winner, who was Candy Okutsu to crown the first Queen of Arsion Champion. She defeated Yumi Fukawa before losing to Mariko Yoshida in the 2nd round. Arsion Zion 98 Tournament. It was still a spotfest, but they hit their spots now. The ZION &39;98 Tournament was held on Aug. In wrestling, we love ourselves a good old Royal Rumble or even a round robin title tournament, even if it is sometimes used as a crutch by promoters who have run out of ideas.

120分 年代: 1999 ¥2,700.


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